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Change of registered office

The change of registered office occurs for administrative reasons. This can be: the change from one address to another in the same county because the validity period of the headquarters has expired and a new contract is concluded for a new address. Or for economic reasons, such as relocating the business to an economic environment conducive to business. For the action of changing the registered office in the same county, the term is 5-7 working days. For the change of headquarters in another county, the term is approximately 20 days.
For companies established before 2008, when changing the headquarters to another county, it may be necessary to change the name. This happens if there is a company with a similar or identical name in that county.

Required documents:

  • Original registration certificate and original verification certificate (for the current registered office)
  • Copy of the identity card of the partner (s)
  • Copy of the articles of incorporation
  • Proof of ownership for the address where the new registered office will be established (sale-purchase contract, donation, heir certificate, lease agreement endorsed by the Financial Administration, etc., neighbors' agreement with common walls if the headquarters will be on the block).
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