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Company Formation Romania

No matter the fact that the investors in a Romanian company are residents or foreigners (or ventures), in both cases they are treated the same and benefit from the same opportunities of developing economic activities in Romanian. All entities operate as independents and are separate by their shareholders/partners' legal units, having their own patrimony, possessions, appelation, administration, registered capital, headquarters and bank accounts. In Romania, there are two types of companies: joint stock companies (S.A. - societate pe actiuni) and limited liability companies (SRL - societate cu raspundere limitata). In the case of a SRL, the foreign company can have sole ownership and hold all shares, while in the case of a SA, there must be at least two shareholders (private persons or legal entities). Still, the most commonly used legal form is SRL. All businesses must be registered at ONRC (the National Trade Register Office - Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and the corporation starts to exists since the date of registration. ONRC is a public institution that keeps statistical information of economic activities. The process of company incorporation in Romania states that every business must have at least a shareholder for a SRL and two for a SA. Additionally, one person can't be unique associate in more than one company. Shareholders can be either companies or individuals and can all be non-Romanians.


The SRL - limited liability company is a legal entity with one up to 50 associates. This business is based on foundation documents. Also those wanting to open a Romanian SRL Company must know that the mandatory registered capital of a limited liability company is minimum 200 RON. The SRL (limited liability company) falls under the regulations of Law 31/1990 and can have a maximum number of 50 associates that will answer in the percentage of their subscribed capital shared. Associates could be private persons or legal entities, but no entitiy can be a unique associate in more than one SRL and no limited liability company can be a unique assiciate to other SRL. read more...


In order for business owners to be able to develop their activities securely and legal, there are a few aspects related to VAT registration that must be clarifies. First of all, holders of companies must get well informed that they must met certain conditions if they decide to register for VAT, as provided by the VAT registration procedure. These conditions and indicators are very relevant from ANAF's point of view (National Fiscal Entity in Romania), in the process of evaluating and granting the VAT number after deciding if the company is not a fiscal risk. In consequence, companies that are obliged )by esceeding the fiscal value limit) or choose to register for VAT purposes, must submit all documents that are required in order to get their VAT number. read more


A branch is an extension of a mother company that has no independence or legal personality. Branches fall under the regulations of law no. 105/1992 that accepts international practice for branches that are governed by the law from the country in which the mother company is established. In order to set up a branch in Romania, first of all you need to register the business unit at the National Trade Registry. The parent company is completly liable for any of the managers/employees of the branch. The representatives can close contracts, even though the branch has no legal personality, but it has authorization to take actions in the name of the mother company. read more...


Having a virtual office Bucharest, for a Romania Company, you will get all the benefits of a high-profile office presence and pay way less that for a traditional office. We, at Darie, Manea and Associates, understand the business community nowadays. We are experienced in company formation activities and providing services related to virtual offices. read more


Romanian laws and regulations for micro-enterprises has changed in 2018 brining new benefits and advantages for these legal entities. For example, companies with a turnover under 1.000.000 euro will pay only 3% corporate tax (those with no employees) and 1% corporate tax (with one or more employees) and 5% tax for dividends. Romanian microenterprises have gone to several transitions and interpretations the past few years as the conditions that must be met to set up a micro-company have changed due to the changing economic environment - the main characteristic for countries with high economic development. To starts, with, you must understand the concept and definition, individuals that want to register a micro company in Romania should realize that a micro company is a sector of the limited liability legal form that meet specific guidlines and conditions. read more


If you represent a foreign company that is interested in opening a secondary office in Romania, there are plenty of options. The Romanian legal system provides two general different types, amongst many others. For instance, you can open a subsidiary to represent you in Romania. This type of company will be fully owen or controlled by your maind business entity (parent company or holding company). Still, it is a distinct company, that operates independently, offering advantages for taxation, law regulation and liability. read more ...

Company formation Romania specialists

The Romanian Law Firm Darie, Manea and Associates, based in Bucharest, Romania has helped a large number of foreign investors in opening Limited Liability Companies, Joint Stock Companies, Branches and Representative Offices throughout Romania. One of our major activity is related to company formation Romania as well as additional services like accounting, virtual office and bank account openings complemented by internet banking.

We have incorporated more then 1.000 companies, branches or representative offices. Our Romanian Law Firm is acting on the Romanian market since 2006 as a competitive and active participant.

Our company has been chosen by foreign investors from all around the world due to professional services and a profound understanding of the Romanian market in regards to special business licenses, consultancy throughout company activity and tax law. We are also working with other respectable company formation agents from United Kingdom, Italy, USA and Russia. Our team of professional lawyers assists our clients throughout the entire process of registering company Romania. We are able to represent in front of any official authority in Romania being thoroughly familiar with the current economic conditions.

How Can We Help You to Open Romanian Company
We have offices in most areas in Romania and access to alliance partner specialists who will put your issue first and handle it confidentially and professionally.

Our knowledge, experience and high quality serviceseffectively combine in order to manage all legal formalities necessary throughout the registering company Romania procedures.

We are committed to ensure the satisfaction of our customers by providing willing to open Romanian company by providing an easy to use, informative and straightforward approach.

This applies to all of our services, and for every company formation we undertake. Due to the vast number of incorporations handled each year, we can offer you the advice of the most highly trained and experienced company formation consultants.
Shelf Company
There are some foreign investors that are interested in buying and already-made company in order to start a business in Romania, rather than setting up a new one from the beginning. There are a lot of reasons why they incline to choose a Romania Shelf Company for developing their activities, but the most important one is the absence of the registration procedure, since the company is already registered with the Romanian authorities. The only step to be made is following the instructions and requirements for ownership transfer, this step only takes a day Shelf companies in Romania have no financial activity on the market, therefore they lead to no liability. This is the main advantage for entrepreneurs over the borders that want to get a bank loan in Romania. Still, it is recommended to contact our consultants specialized in Shelf Companies in order to clarify all the aspects, get all the information needed about the requirements of buying a shelf company.
Reasons to invest in Romania
Romania is one of the most fast-growing countries in the European Union from the past few years, regarding the economical environment, therefore being a strategic choice for new foreign investors. The main reason to invest in Romania is the dynamic and competitive economy with a rich history in trade and businesses sector. Romania’s evolution in terms of technology is another good reason, along side the taxation system which offers a lot of advantages to start-ups and small businesses compared to other EU member states. Additionally, Bucharest, the capital of Romania, has developed a lot in the past years – modernization, constructions of new buildings for homes and offices and legislations improvements for supporting businesses developed on the territory.  

The real estate sector has increased tremendously the marketing becoming more mature. The office market has evolved fast, developers are starting to relocate their building projects to other areas of the town, besides the office area from the North. Alongside the striving real estate sector, geopolitical factors are also favorable, another reason to invest in Romania, next to the local economic indicators showing solid premises for positive evolution on the short-term and long-term perspective. 
Accounting services Romania
As an investor and business owner you are always looking for the best offers and alternatives in all areas of services needed for developing the business, also in the case of accounting services Romania. We provide a wide range of high-class facilities in professional Romania accounting sector offering out clients the best alternatives and solutions personalized for them. We have affiliates in Bucharest and all major cities of the country, that are able to provide accurate and complex strategies for legal entities or individuals, in order to deliver the best value for the client. We are committed to providing the best results in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, along site a deep understanding of the specifics of your business. Our accounting services Romania are based on accuracy, promptitude and support for our clients, based on the perfect understanding of the basic concepts of their businesses. 
What is the procedure for opening a company in Romania
As an investor who wants to open a company in Romania, at first you should know the process of setting up a new enterprise and the steps you need to follow. There are 6 steps that are mandatory to follow:
  • Get your reservation of company name – form found at Trade Registry, you need to fill in 3 names in order of your preferences and the process takes about an hour. The issued name reservation certificate is valid for 3 months
  • After the name availability certificate is issued, the constitutive act is written, the authorized person of the company must file the documents at a bank where the social capital will be deposited (a minimum of 200 RON)
  • Register the company at the Trade Registry – the process takes about 3 days and it is free of charge, you only need to pay the taxes for the Official Monitor publishing. Here you must present your articles of incorporation, constitutive act, social capital deposit proof from the bank and an application form which you can find there.
  • Buying the unique registry for controls – provided by the law, it is mandatory to have a unique registry for controls from ANAF in 30 days from registering the company to Trade Registry.
  • Register for VAT purposes – if you want, this is not mandatory for a new company. There are no costs, and this is also done at ANAF.
  • Register employees’ contracts – if the case, this must be done online with the Territorial Labor Inspectorate (IML). The employer is obliged to keep track of all employees’ records internally, electronically and transmit them to IML.
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