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Accounting in Arad

Arad is one of the important economic centers in the west of the country, many businessmen setting up companies here for the developed infrastructure and quick access to other European countries. Our agents can help you set up companies in Arad and provide you with accounting services in this city. Below, we invite you to read about the setting up and accounting services that we offer you in Arad. If you want to start the procedure of setting up a company, we suggest you to use our online platform.

Company setting up and accounting services in Arad

The establishment of a company in Arad does not involve a difficult process, the registration of the company being realized in just a few days with the help of our specialists. Regarding the accounting of a company in Arad, this involves a continuous process of drawing up the accounting documents and submitting them to the competent authorities.
In order to meet you, we offer you a package of complex services that include the services of setting up a company and accounting at advantageous prices.

What does accounting for a company in Arad entail?

The keeping of the accounting records of a company in Arad involves several steps and procedures that must be performed by specialized personnel. Given that many Romanian companies are in the habit of outsourcing at least some of the attributions returned to their staff, as well as the fact that most of the time these attributions are those related to accounting, we offer you the following services:
registering the company for VAT purposes and obtaining the EORI code (where necessary);
primary accounting services for small companies, such as PFAs and individual businesses;
services for the preparation of sales and purchase journals, and the recording and recording of stocks for different types of companies;
services for drawing up and submitting financial statements and fiscal statements within the terms provided by law;
payroll services, audit, tax consultancy and accounting expertise where required.
Our accounting services in Arad are offered to all types of companies, regardless of the activities undertaken and their size.

The main financial-accounting documents of a company

Arad is known for the large number of startups established in recent years, this category of companies being small and medium, but the city also has a fairly large number of large companies, so that our accounting services will be offered according to the needs. to each society.
It is well known that the main accounting documents that must be prepared and kept up to date are the logbook of receipts and payments and the inventory register for natural persons undertaking economic activities, and the journal register, the inventory register and the large book in the case of companies. They are obliged to issue invoices and various other financial documents to justify their income for which they will pay taxes and taxes.
Given that tax laws can undergo many changes, it is good to consider using the accounting services offered by our specialists in Arad. We provide accounting services in other cities of the country, such as Bucharest and Constanta.
Filing tax returns to ANAF

One of the most important aspects of the accounting of a company is the filing of fiscal statements and financial statements of the company. They must not exceed the deadlines required by law. If you want to set up a company, you must know that you must submit the Tax Registration Statement within 30 days from the date of setting up the company. Then, the timetable for submitting other tax documents must follow the deadline required by law or the one applicable in a certain situation.
Tracking, preparing and submitting the tax statements and financial statements of a company are part of our accounting services in Arad.
Why start a company in Arad

Arad is one of the most developed cities of the country, its main industries being the one of cars, transport, telecommunications, clothing and food. Moreover, Arad:
- ranked 4th in the Forbes Best Cities 2019 ranking;
- is the most important road node in the west of the country with access to two European roads;
- has one of the lowest unemployment rates at national level (1.4%) at the end of 2018;
- has three industrial zones, two of which have direct access to the European road E 68.
For accounting services in Arad, do not hesitate to contact us.

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