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Opening a Romanian PFA

Small businesses have become increasingly profitable in recent years as a large number of entrepreneurs have started setting up businesses on their own. Among the types of companies that allow the opening of a small business quickly and with a minimum number of documents is the Authorized Individual or the PFA.
The fastest way you can set up a PFA with the help of our online platform - LaRegistru.
Below, our agents specialized in setting up companies explain the necessary steps for creating a PFA, as well as the advantages of such a company. Those who want to set up other types of companies can rely on the help offered by our team.

What is a PFA?

The Authorized Individual is the simplest type of company recognized by the legislation and the authorities in the field in Romania. This form of business is intended for individuals who want to start their own business and who want to benefit from certain tax advantages.
Among the advantages of PFA are:
- the simple way of setting up, which requires a minimum number of documents;
- reduced costs related to the company's registration with the Trade Register;
- the possibility to have a maximum number of 3 employees to carry out their activity;
- can be set up both by persons with Romanian citizenship, but also by citizens of EU member states.
Also, the types of activities that can be undertaken through a PFA is quite varied as long as it complies with the CANE Code under which the company was established. The most common type of PFA is the one that provides services in the IT field in Romania.

What to consider when opening a PFA

The authorized natural person is suitable for the one who wants to work on his / her own in a field in which he / she is specialized, so that compared to an SRL, the authorized natural person will have to prove the training in the respective field. On the other hand, the PFA is the easiest to set up in terms of the registration procedure.
In order to set up a PFA, a smaller number of documents is needed, it does not need to use the services of a certified accountant, accounting being simplified for this type of legal form. Also, the holder of the PFA is considered his own employee, but he can conclude an individual employment contract with other persons or companies.
Often, the PFA is compared to the SRL in terms of advantages, and our agents can explain both the advantages and disadvantages of each type of company, so you can make an informed decision when you decide to set up a company. . We can help you with both the registration of a PFA and an SRL.
We are also at your disposal with accounting services for PFA, to make sure that you meet all the legal requirements from this point of view.

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