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Romania Company

Company Formation Romania

Romania Company Incorporation

Romania Company According to the Romanian law, both Romanian or foreign investors (and ventures) are equaly treated read more...
Company Formation Romania - Open Romanian Company

Open Romanian Company

Romanian Branch A limited liability company is a corporation established by a narrow number of associates (maximum 50) read more...
Company Formation Romania - Registering Company Romania

Set up Branch Romania

ESTABLISH A ROMANIAN BRANCH An overseas corporation can very well do business in Romania read more...
Open Romanian Company - Set Up Romanian Branch

Business Licenses and Permits

Romanian Branch These licenses and permits are obtained from different sources
Company Formation Romania - Romanian Business Licenses And Permits

Virtual Office Bucharest

VIRTUAL OFFICE IN BUCHAREST We provide virtual offices with phone and fax lines, forwarding mail read more...
Open Romanian Company - Virtual Office Bucharest

Taxation Romania

Romanian Branch In accordance with the Fiscal Code, the following are treated as taxable subjects
Company Formation Romania - Taxation Romania

Romania Accounting Office

ACCOUNTING SERVICES We offer professional accounting services
Open Romanian Company - Romania Accounting Office

Micro Companies in Romania

Microenterprises in Romania passed through several interpretations and the general conditions for establishing such a company were frequently changed as a consequence of the predominantly shifty economic environment which is a characteristic feature for intensively developing countries. First thing to understand about this concept concerns its definition within a familiar set of terms. In order to register micro company in Romania individuals must realize that this is a subgenre of the limited liability sector indicating several specific traits that we will explain below.

Microenterprises in Romania - main features

The main characteristics that are brought into attention when deciding to establish this type of company concern the origin of profits, annual income limits and the owners of the share capital. So micro companies in Romania are legal entities which have revenues of up to EUR 65,000, coming from activities performed in areas different from: banking area, insurance and reinsurance domain, capital markets field (excepting those performing intermediary activities between entities involved in this specific area), consultancy, gambling and management. Another important trait regards the owners of the share capital which should be persons other than the state or local authorities. Even if before an extra condition had to be fulfilled, nowadays there are no limitations regarding the number of employees.

Register micro company in Romania - taxation regime

One of the most generally known characteristics for microenterprises in Romania regards the tax legislation. If willing to open such a company in our country individuals should be aware of the rather beneficial taxation regime which states that a 3% income tax is to be paid for entities which follow the micro company profile. The taxes are to be evaluated quarterly, up until the 25th of the month following the quarter that the tax in question is to fiscally justify. The EUR 65,000 threshold shall be evaluated considering gains from various sources excepting those associated with costs for stock production, costs of developing services, gains obtained through tangible and intangible assets production, through operational subsidies, through reserves and adjustments for depreciation or value loss, through reimbursement or cancellation of interests or penalties which are to be considered non-deductible expenses, through recovery of damages.

As shown above, micro companies in Romania can be easily understood as a safe method for a successful investment but it is highly important to be aware of all specific characteristics that might occur at certain points and related to precise circumstances. That is why our team delivers the necessary professional help for all our customers interested to open a company of this type. Given the fact that this particular group of business entities continuously changes at various levels, we engaged in constantly reevaluating our strategies for offering optimized approaches able to guarantee safe success and multiple alternatives.

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