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Accounting services in Timisoara

Timis is one of the most important and developed counties in western Romania. With rapid access to western Europe, many businessmen from all over the country decide to establish their companies in Timisoara, the county municipality. Since starting a business is not just about setting up a company, we come to meet those who are at the beginning of the road or who have small, medium and large companies and need accounting services in Timisoara.

If you want to set up a company, however, we offer you the online platform LaRegistru, to ease the registration procedure of the company.
We invite you to discover below the accounting services we offer in Timisoara.
Accounting services in Timisoara for all types of companies

Whether you have a PFA, SRL, SA or SNC, we offer you personalized accounting services for your company in Timisoara. These include the following:

1. complete services for keeping the accounting records and drawing up the accounting documents for your company;
2. payroll services and personnel that involve calculating wages and preparing documents for payroll;
3. tax consulting services that are increasingly sought by small and medium-sized companies throughout the country;
4. registration services for VAT purposes and obtaining the EORI code for companies with import-export activities;
5. financial reporting services in the Financial Reporting Standards in Romania and with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
All our accounting services in Timisoara are customized according to the needs of your company. You can also rely on us if you want to set up a company in Timisoara, our lawyers being aware of all the legislative changes.

Custom accounting services in Timisoara

The accounting of a company involves the preparation, storage and submission to the financial authorities of several documents. That is why it is good to turn to specialized accounting services for your company in Timisoara. These include:
• preparation of the plan of accounts according to the activity or activities undertaken by the company;
• preparation and introduction of the primary documents in the accounting records of the company;
• preparation of sales and purchase logs, as well as drawing up the means register;
• keeping records of stocks, suppliers and customers, and keeping records of house and bank records;
• drawing up the journal register and the verification balance, as well as drawing up and filing tax returns.
We remind you that we are at your disposal also with the services of setting up a company in Timisoara, as well as with hosting services for the registered office in order to ease the registration procedure of the company.

Payroll services in Timisoara

Since a company cannot operate without a minimum number of employees, we can help you with personalized payroll services and personnel regardless of the number of employees in your company in Timisoara.

We can help you in drawing up employment contracts and keeping records of personnel files, drawing up the electronic personnel register (Revisal), calculating wages and preparing payment states, calculating medical leave and other allowances, maintaining the relationship with authorities such as ITM, House of Pensions and Health House.

We provide accounting services in other cities of the country, such as Bucharest.

Services for drawing up financial statements in Timisoara

Financial statements are the most important documents of a company, regardless of whether it is operating in Timisoara or in another city. That is why it is good that the preparation and filing of VAT, tax or profit tax returns are made by our accountants from Timisoara who will consider the latest regulations in the field.

Why choose our accounting services in Timisoara?

The accounting of a company is the most important part after the establishment of the company. That is why it is good to turn to specialized services for your company in Timisorara, whether you are at the beginning of the road or have experience in the field in which you activate.

Also, setting up a company in Timisoara can bring you many benefits, considering that:
• Timis county has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country of only 0.7% at the level of April 2019;
• at the beginning of the year, the international trade in goods brought to the local budget over 630,000 euros;
• in the first quarter of the year, Timis contributed to the country's GDP with over 253 billion lei;
• the gross salary at the county level in April 2019 was 5,320 lei.

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