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How much it costs to open a SRL

The limited liability company is one of the most used legal forms from us in the country. In addition to the low share capital, this type of company has the advantage of protecting its shareholders by the fact that their liability is limited to the investment made. This particularity represents an important advantage for those interested in setting up a company.
Entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up SRL in Bucharest or in the country can read this short guide that contains the most important costs for opening this type of company.
The fastest way to set up a SRL is through our online platform - LaRegistru.

The main costs for setting up a SRL

Below are the main costs required to open a SRL:
- the share capital: for a company of type SRL it has the value of 200 lei, deposited in a bank account; opening a bank account is a mandatory step for setting up a company.
- Official Monitor fee: a fee of approximately 30 lei is required to publish the company resolution.
- the signature specimen: this is given in front of a notary by the company administrator and the costs may vary depending on the Notary Office chosen.
- other taxes: the statements given in front of the notary by the shareholders and the administrator of the company, as well as other legalized translations (if this is necessary) can represent additional costs for setting up a company in Bucharest and are charged at the rates practiced by the notary.
The costs associated with establishing a SRL in Romania decreased last year after it was decided to eliminate several taxes previously levied by the National Trade Register Office.

Additional information on setting up SRL

The first step for those interested in setting up a company in Bucharest is choosing a name for the new company. It is recommended that you present three different names when you register the name. The steps for setting up a SRL are described in detail in this article.
Our team of specialists can help you with complete services for setting up a SRL but also other types of services such as social headquarters hosting.
You can contact us for more details and updated information on the process of setting up a company.

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