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Finding a head office in Romania

The registered office is mandatory when setting up a company. Depending on the city where you decide to start a business, finding a head office can be easier or more difficult depending on how developed the real estate sector is. Thus, the registered office of a company can be:

  • in a rented commercial or office space (this option involves several steps and documents that must be carefully prepared);
  • a property of one of the company's associates or shareholders, but this situation is not very common;
  • in an apartment in a block of flats (a common option, but which needs different agreements from neighbors);
  • hosting the registered office at a law firm that is very quick and easy to obtain.
You must keep in mind that the registered office is verified not only by the Trade Register of the county in which you set up the company, but also by the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF).
Apart from the fact that the registered office hosting is much easier to find, considering that in any city there is at least one law firm, this service is also offered by our agents specialized in setting up companies in several cities of the country. .

Laws providing for headquarters hosting services

Two laws contain provisions related to the hosting services of the registered office in Romania: Law no. 31/1990 on commercial companies which provides for the need for a registered office, and Law 51/1995 for the organization and exercise of the legal profession which provides for the establishment of the registered office of a company at a law firm.
It is good to know that the hosting services of the registered office involve:
- establishing the registered office for a determined period (maximum one year) through this service;
- only limited liability companies and joint stock companies can benefit from hosting the registered office;
- PFAs cannot opt ​​for this service, according to the Law on Commercial Companies;
- this service can be used only to receive company correspondence and involves signing a contract.
Our agents are at your disposal with additional information related to obtaining a registered office, but we also provide hosting services for the registered office, depending on your needs. We can also help you with the establishment of an LLC or any other type of company.

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