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Changing the main object of activity Romania company

Under the applicable law, the scope of activity can be changed for any company registered in Romania. Any legal entity may have only one main activity object, corresponding to one NACE code, and any secondary one. The first step to be taken in the process of changing the main object of activity is to file an application for registration with the relevant Trade Registry.

Required documents:

- Updated act, originally in any of the following forms: in authentic form, under private signature, attested by lawyer or certified by the trade registry office of which it belongs
- Amending Act of the Articles of Incorporation, in original (GMS decision, sole decision, addendum)
- Model Statement 3 - Authorizing the operation for the activities to be carried out at the headquarters and the secondary ones
- Notices provided by special laws, if any (copies)
- The company's certificate of registration in the original - it will be changed
- Empowerment in original / delegation, if applicable
The modifying act will be subsequently published in the Official Gazette and the related fees will have to be paid. The costs are calculated according to the number of characters of the modifying act and are paid at the cash register of the Trade Registry, it being necessary to submit the proof of their payment to the file. This procedure is valid in the following situations:
- Reformulation
- Completion
- Enlargement
- Domain and main activity change
- Specify domain and main activity
It is very important that the Type 3 declaration be past all the activities carried out at the registered office and secondary offices, including the activities already authorized according to the Type 2 declaration. It may be difficult to draft the necessary acts or the entire process of changing the object of activity, but persons authorized to provide advice against the trade register - the assistance office. If you want to get rid of crowd and that the process is quick and quick, you can turn to the services of a law firm that can save you many roads and headaches.
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