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​Accounting in Ploiesti

Although close enough to Bucharest, Ploiesti remains an important business center in the southeast of the country. The smaller rents, the possibilities of development and even the proximity to the capital of the country make Ploiesti a city quite sought by the businessmen who want to set up companies.
However, once established, a company will also need accounting services. In order not to search in other cities, we offer both registration and accounting services in Ploiesti, so that you have everything you need for your business at your fingertips.
To set up the company, we invite you to access our LaRegistru platform to familiarize yourself with the registration procedure of a company.

Custom accounting services in Ploiesti

The establishment of a company in Ploiesti does not imply a long and burdensome procedure, but the accounting of the company once the economic activity begins, yes. To come to your support, our accountants from Ploiesti will provide you with the following accounting services in Ploiesti:
complete accounting services of all tax documents entering and leaving the company;
specialized payroll services, considering that most companies have departments set up specifically for HR;
tax services, so as to maximize the company's profits by reducing the taxes paid;
financial audit services which is mandatory for certain types of companies and optional for others.
Our accounting services in Ploiesti are personalized according to the size and the activities undertaken by the company. Thus, we offer accounting services to micro-companies, medium and medium-sized companies, but also to large companies. Also, if you want to start a business in Ploiesti and you need a registered office, we also provide hosting services for the registered office in Ploiesti.

The main accounting services in Ploiesti

The accounting evidence of a company starts from its establishment with registration for fiscal and VAT purposes. These procedures can be handled by our agents in Ploiesti at the same time as the registration procedure of the company, or our accountants can be occupied once the registration is completed. Regardless of the chosen solution, you can rely on us for customized accounting services in Ploiesti.
Our accounting services in Ploiesti consist of:
- drawing up and maintaining fiscal documents both on paper and electronic media;
- submission of tax and tax declarations to the local authorities in Ploiesti;
- drawing up the balance sheets and VAT, as well as the company balance sheet;
- drawing up compulsory accounting records.
You can opt for one or more accounting services in Ploiesti, depending on your needs and that of the company.

Payroll services in Ploiesti

A company, regardless of the field of activity, cannot operate without a minimum number of employees. Since the legislation in the field changes quite often, it is expected that you want specialists in the field who know how to relate to these changes. For this purpose, we offer fully customized payroll services for any type of company in Ploiesti, whether we are talking about a SRL, a SRL-D or a joint stock company (SA).
Our accounting services are valid in other cities, such as Constanta, one of the largest cities in the country.
Audit services in Ploiesti

With the help of our financial and accounting audit services, you can be sure that your companies will always comply with the legislation in force. In addition to the aforementioned types of audit, we can also offer auditing services for the financial statements and the consolidated financial statements, external audit and fiscal audit where necessary.
We remind you that such services are offered in other cities such as Timisoara and Arad.
Why choose our accounting services in Ploiesti?

As I said above, our accounting services in Ploiesti are personalized, but they also come at lower costs compared to setting up a special department in the company.
Regarding the Prahova county from an economic point of view, the information of the Prahova County Statistics Department shows that:
- at national level, in June 2019, the county ranked 8th in net salary gain;
- at the end of the same month, the number of employees at county level was 186,010 persons;
- the net average profit at county level was 2,977 lei per employee in June, increasing by 510 lei compared to the same period of 2018;
- the real wage earning index for June increased by 116.2% compared to June 2018.
For accounting services in Ploiesti, please contact us.

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