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Opening a business in Bucharest

Bucharest is the city in Romania preferred by most entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up an SRL, or want to open another type of company. The stages of setting up a company involve several trips to the public authorities but also the preparation of a specific set of documents, in accordance with the provisions in force.
The registration of the company at the National Office of the Trade Register may seem a long and very specific process. This is the main reason why specialists in setting up companies offer personalized services for investors, depending on the type of company chosen, the sector in which they want to open the company but also the field of activity (which may entail the need to apply for other types of licenses, after registration with ONRC).

Types of popular companies in Bucharest

One of the main advantages of setting up a company in Bucharest is that entrepreneurs have at their disposal different types of companies to choose from, so that both small and medium or large enterprises have a place on the business market in the capital.
The most common types of companies in Bucharest are:
- the limited liability company, or the SRL, the most common type of company in Romania, but also in Bucharest;
- SRL-D or the new limited liability company which is the first step towards an SRL;
- authorized physical personnel or PFAs that benefit from many tax advantages;
- individual (II) and family enterprises that are the basis of small family businesses.
Also, those who want to run larger businesses, can set up a joint stock company (SA) in Bucharest. Our specialists can help you with the registration of any type of company in Bucharest. We also support entrepreneurs with other services, including hosting the headquarters and accounting in Bucharest.

Steps for setting up a company in Bucharest

The steps for registering a company in Bucharest are the following:
- choice of name: at least three original names are required for the new company, they are submitted to ONRC;
- object of activity: the CANE codes for the main and secondary activities of the company are chosen in advance;
- choosing the legal form: SRL, SRL-D, PFA, are examples of types of companies that can be established in Bucharest;
- the constitutive act: the document certifying the establishment of the company, the name, the field of activity, the shareholders, the registered office, the share capital, etc.
- registration: the company is registered with ONRC, and when the process is completed, a CIF and a certificate of ascertainment are issued.
Our team can help you both with setting up a company in Bucharest and with other related services, such as hosting headquarters. We also provide services for companies already registered, related to administrative changes: change of administrator, change of registered office, addition of CAEN codes, etc.

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