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Establishing Headquarters in Ploiesti

Ploiesti is one of the most important cities in the south-east of the country, developing a lot after the industrialization of the past. Now, more and more entrepreneurs are opening companies in various fields, among which IT occupies a leading position.
Establishing a company in Ploiesti means going through several preliminary stages of registration and a few actual steps of setting up the company. Preliminary stages include finding a registered office, in which case the hosting of the registered office in Ploiesti can be a viable solution.
Our agents provide you with several services related to setting up a company, including hosting the registered office in Ploiesti and the LaRegistru platform to accommodate the registration process of a company.

What is the headquarters and how can it be useful in Ploiesti?

Hosting the registered office is a service that can be made available to entrepreneurs based on two laws: Law 51/1995 for the organization and exercise of the profession of lawyer and Law no. 31/1990 regarding commercial companies. Thus, the hosting of the registered office may take place, for a limited period of time, at a conventional registered office.
Our agents are at your disposal with the service of hosting a registered office in several cities of the country, including Ploiesti.
Hosting the registered office in Ploiesti offers several advantages and can be useful both to experienced businessmen, but also to those who are at the beginning of the road and who need help in setting up a company.
Hosting the registered office of a company in Ploiesti can be useful in the following situations:
  • business people at the beginning of the road and who need a registered office when setting up a company;
  • to those who already have companies and want to open a work point in another city, in this case in Ploiesti;
  • those who have not found a registered office for the future company and are pressed for time;
  • to those who have found a space for the registered office, but this does not correspond to the requirements of the Trade Register;
  • to those who have a property that they cannot use as a registered office for the future company in Ploiesti;
  • to those who do not want to pay very large rents in commercial spaces or office buildings.
One of the biggest advantages of the headquarters hosting service in Ploiesti is that it can be obtained very quickly.
Our agents provide you the service of hosting the registered office in Ploiesti, as well as in other cities of the country, such as Bucharest, Oradea and Pitesti.
Advantages of hosting the registered office in Ploiesti
Hosting a registered office in Ploiesti has several advantages, but it is well known that this service is valid for those who want to set up SRLs and SAs. The hosting service of the registered office is not valid for those who want to set up PFAs.

The main advantages of the headquarters are:

- it is very fast and easy to obtain, considering that the service is based on a legal assistance contract;
- the registered office is made available to the client within 24 hours from the signing of the contract;
- the hosting service of the registered office is personalized according to the needs and requirements of the client;
- the price of hosting the registered office is much lower than the price of renting a conventional registered office;
- The registered office of a law firm is very safe, considering that it will serve as the official correspondence address of the company.
Hosting a registered office is increasingly sought after in cities throughout the country, including Ploiesti, where rent prices have increased significantly in the last few years.
Our specialists from Ploiesti will be at your disposal with services for setting up companies and hosting the registered office, so that you will benefit from all the comfort when registering any type of company.
Why start a company in Ploiesti?
Located at a rather short distance from Bucharest, Ploiesti is a much cheaper business destination compared to this one, being preferred by many businessmen. Through the hosting service of a company headquarters in Ploiesti, the time spent with its registration procedure will be reduced quite a lot, which will help to start the company activities in a much shorter time.
If you want to set up or relocate a company in Ploiesti and you need a registered office for this, our consultants will provide you with the hosting service of the registered office in the shortest and simplest way possible, so please contact us for a personalized offer.

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