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Changing the headquarters of a company Romania

Once the company was registered with a specific address of the headquarters, it can be changed in the same county or elsewhere by submitting a request for mentions to the Trade Registry. This change may occur after the expiration of the right of use of the space or in the case of relocation of the business to another city in the country, the relocation of the headquarters to another county being necessary. In any case, the same process is followed at the ONRC where a series of documents must be submitted.

The required documents

In the case of a change of headquarters in another county, a name reservation must first be obtained by submitting a request for availability check and booking. This must contain 3 names, depending on the preferences and the registration fee is 72 lei, the quoted document will be added to the file together with the following documents:
-    Request for registration (in original)
-    Type-specific declaration signed by the directors / associates, which states that:
•    The legal person fulfills the conditions of legal functioning in the sanitary, environmental, veterinary and labor protection field for the activities carried out
•    The company does not carry out the declared activities for a period of maximum 3 years at the headquarters, secondary offices or outside
-    The AGA decision or the decision of the sole associate or the addendum to the articles of association (original)
-    Proof of the right to use the space for the new registered office (lease, inheritance certificate etc.)
-    Request addressed to ANAF in order to obtain certification that the registered office space has not been registered with another document for alienation of the right of use
-    Empowerment for the person designated to carry out legal formalities (if applicable)
-    Notice for the change of the collective residential dwelling destination (if applicable)
-    Other notices provided by special laws (if applicable)

Fees and formalities

The associate or associates must submit in the original of the ONRC the registration certificate of the company in order to issue a new certificate with the new address, considering the constitutive act, the registration certificate and other documents attesting the functioning of the company change. In addition, the updated constitutive act must be handed over to the ONRC and it is necessary to purchase a new Unique Control Register and to update all the documents containing the old address. When the firm moves its headquarters to another county, it will be removed from evidence of the country where it was initially registered.

Costs for changing headquarters in another county are higher:

- 250 lei the registry fees
- 150 lei - percentage of the registry fees
- 72 lei for each authorized location
- 72 lei reservation of the name (in case of relocation to another county)

Compared to the change in the same county:

- 45 lei registry fees
- 27 percent of the registry fees
- 72 lei for each authorized location

It is important to know that a company may file documents for the change of the registered office after its expiration, but it may be declared inactive due to the absence of the registered office. For further details do not hesitate to contact our law firm.

by Cristian Darie

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