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Opening a workstation for a company in Romania

What is the workstation of a company in Romania?

The working point is the space, separated from the registered office, for the activity of the commercial company in accordance with the object of activity declared at the Trade Register. The company can open any number of points of work on the territory of Romania as long as it can prove the right to use the space intended for the work point (either by means of a property act or by a lease agreement, etc.). In addition, when the space for the activity is located in a block of flats, it is necessary for the neighbors to share a wall (top-down, left-right).
Documents required to open the workspace

Opening of the working place of a deceded company filing a file with the Trade Register, and the registration period is about 5 working days. The file must contain the following documents:

- Copy of constituent act
- Children from the identity cards of associates and administrators
- Copy of the registration certificate in the Trade Register (issued at the establishment of the company)
- Copy of the proof of the right of use of the workspace
- Neighborhood Agreement (if applicable)
- The decision of the sole associate / GMS decision to open the work point
- Model 1 / Model 2 work point authorization statement (if working point is declared without activity / activity)
- Request a record point of work

For the opening of a new working point, the amount of the fees paid by the company is about 250 lei:
- 72 lei of registry fees
- 72 lei for authorization (based on the declaration on your own responsibility)
- 100 lei publication fee in the Official Gazette
After having been issued the registration certificate of the working point by the Trade Registry, it is necessary to obtain all the necessary permits and authorizations, depending on the field of activity, such as:
- Authorization of operation - obtained from the City Hall
- Authorization of ANPC (Authority for Consumer Protection)
- Sanitary advice
- Authorization to sell drugs for special needs
- Authorization to operate in the home care sector
- Authorization for pharmacies and drugstores
- Transportation authorizations
- Environmental Authorizations
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by Cristian Darie

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