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Suspension of company activity

What you need to know:

The activity of a company or a PFA may be suspended for a maximum period of 3 years. Associates can also opt for a period of less than 3 years of inactivity. At the end of the suspension period the activity is not resumed automatically; in order to resume the activity, a mention to this effect must be submitted to the Trade Register.
It is a temporary solution for a company that is no longer active and for the situation in which the associates are at a standstill and want to rethink their business strategy. Even if the activity is suspended, you should know that the financial statements (balance sheet, balance sheet), even with result 0, will have to be filed further, as until the moment of suspension.
If the company has employees, keep in mind that you must notify the Territorial Labor Inspectorate regarding the termination of employment contracts following the suspension of the activity.

Required documents

  • Associate ID card (s)
  • Finding certificates issued at the establishment of the company - in original
  • Copy of Company Registration Certificate
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