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Authorizing Company Activities in Romania

For businesses that have offline activity, it is necessary to authorize the point of business at the Trade Registry, at which time the operating authorizations for it will be obtained. If several articles are included in the articles of incorporation, but only a part of them will be carried out at the work point, it is necessary to authorize those activities to be carried out.

The unfolding of activities without authorization will entail sanctions from certain authorities, following the controls: the Public Health Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Veterinary Sanitary Division, the Territorial Labor Inspectorate, and the fines are quite large. It is very important to distinguish between operating permits and permits obtained from the town hall for certain categories of activities (placement work, restaurant, bar etc.).

Documents required to obtain operating authority

- Copy of the proof of the right to use the space used as a work point (contract of sale, purchase, rental, etc.), if the space is rented from a physical one, the rental contract approved by the Public Finance Administration
- Children according to all acts of the company (additional act or sole decision, GMS decision, updated constitutive act, delegation (as the case may be), commodity contract (as the case may be), certificate from the owners' association
- Stamp society
Authorization takes about 7 days from filing the complete dossier for Bucharest - Ilfov, and up to 20 days for the rest of the country.
Considering the main activity and the secondary ones that appear in the Articles of Incorporation, the company is obliged to have the following permits and authorizations for the operation on the territory of Romania:
- Authorization and approval of the mayor of the labor sector / social office (only if there is activity in special physical spaces - magazine, warehouse, offices, etc.)
- Sanitary and veterinary sanitary authorizations (from DSP and DSVP) for activities such as canteens, restaurants, grocery stores
- Fire Protection and Fire Extinguishing (PSI) authorization for companies that involve large numbers of employees, large spaces (shopping centers, bars, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, etc.)
- Environmental Notice (AFM) for environmental impact activities such as chemical products, automotive dyes, woodworking, etc.
- ITM Authorization for Work Protection - in the case of employees
- Notice for placement of light commercials - where appropriate, from the town hall
- Avis for music broadcasting (cafes, bars, etc) - from ORDA
- Certificate of classification of the accommodation unit (hostels and hotels) - from MDRAP
- Notice for the security and protection companies from the County Police Inspectorates and the Ministry of Interior
- NBR operating authorization - for foreign exchange offices
- Opinion of CSA for insurance and reinsurance companies

by Cristian Darie

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