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Reserving a name when setting up a company in Bucharest

After choosing the type of company under which the company will operate, choosing and reserving a name for it will be the first step in its establishment procedure. It is allowed to choose three names, which will be verified, from which the desired one can be chosen by the entrepreneur.
Recently, the Trade Register waived the fee for reserving trade names for the company, thus simplifying the procedure for obtaining it, and reducing the costs related to setting up a company in Bucharest.

Choosing the object of activity of the company

One of the steps that must be followed before the actual start of the company's registration in Bucharest is to choose its object of activity. Thus, the company will have only one main object of activity, but it can have several secondary objects.
The establishment of the object of activity is made by choosing the code from the CANE nomenclature (Classification of National Economic Activities).
Regardless of whether you choose to set up an SRL or a PFA in Bucharest, we are at your disposal with useful information and help in choosing the CAEN code corresponding to your company's activity.
We are at your disposal with company establishment services in other cities close to Bucharest such as Ploiesti.

Establishing a registered office for the company

The second step that will mark the procedure for setting up a company in Bucharest is finding a registered office. It is quite easy to find a space that can be used as a headquarters for a company in the city with the most office buildings, but the costs will be commensurate.
It is good to know that the registered office of a company can also be obtained through its hosting services in Bucharest. This service involves the use of an address provided by an office or law firm, according to the law. Also, the choice of the hosting service of the registered office in Bucharest is advantageous from several points of view, among which the reduced costs and the necessary documents for submitting the registration file, being necessary only the legal assistance contract.
Our specialists in Bucharest provide you with complete services for setting up companies in Bucharest, regardless of the type of company chosen. They can also be accompanied by other services, depending on your needs.

Opening a bank account and depositing the share capital

Although not all types of companies need a minimum share capital, opening a bank account in which the amount of money that will serve as share capital will be deposited is mandatory. Having a bank account will have to be proved by an account statement during the procedure of setting up the company in Bucharest.
Our specialists can help you with opening a bank account depending on the type of company chosen, so as to facilitate the entire process of setting up the company.
Preparation of documents necessary for the registration of a company in Bucharest
The most important stage of setting up a company in Bucharest is, of course, the preparation of the necessary documents for the creation of the registration file that must be submitted to the Trade Register. It must contain:
  1. the reservation certificate of the company name, obtained in a stage prior to the preparation of the file;
  2. proof of the registered office which will be made through various documents depending on the chosen space;
  3. proof of the deposit of the share capital which will be made through an account statement obtained from the bank;
  4. the statement on one's own responsibility by which the shareholder or the associate assumes this quality in the company;
  5. the constitutive act of the company in case of setting up an SRL, a SA or another type of company (less PFA);
  6. the application for registration in standard format issued by the Bucharest Trade Register;
  7. proof of payment of the registration fee of the company that is paid directly at the counter of the Trade Register.
The most important aspect when setting up a company in Bucharest is the drafting of the company's articles of association which must contain certain elements. Among them, the names of all the associates or shareholders in the company, the main field, as well as the secondary ones, of the company's activity (these will be established according to the CAEN codes), as well as other information about the company.
You can also consider the fact that a company can be registered with the help of our consultants in Bucharest through a power of attorney. Thus, you will benefit from your company in the shortest possible time.

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