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Virtual office Bucharest

With a virtual office in Bucharest, from Romania Company, your business will benefit from the presence of a high-profile office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. We understand the demands of today's business community.
The virtual office is a type of service that allows companies to operate from an address where they do not need to be located at all times. A high level of flexibility and reduced costs are two of the most important advantages. We offer you the opportunity to concentrate solely on running your business while our professional staff runs your office for you. Our company has vast experience in company formation services and in providing virtual office services.
Read below the main advantages of using a virtual office, as well as the types of packages and services offered by our specialists. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the advantages of the virtual office?

A virtual office in Bucharest is a type of service that offers a physical address for a company while the employer and the employees can choose to work remotely. This is not to say that they cannot access the needed office space, it simply offers a high level of flexibility given the fact that the company employees can engage in their specific work from a different location (they are not location-dependent).
As more companies are turning towards a flexible or hybrid work model (when the company has a remote work policy combined with in-office tasks), using a virtual office is increasingly popular across all categories of businesses, including for large companies.
Some of the advantages of the virtual office are the following:
  • Reduced costs: in most cases, the costs for a virtual office package are lower compared to renting a traditional office space, equipping it and paying for regular maintenance;
  • Business image: the company can benefit from being located in a prestigious location in the center of Bucharest;
  • Business support: the location has all the regular features needed by most businesses, including office space, access to printing and scanning, meeting room space and video call solutions as well as catering services;
  • Expansion options: some companies in Romania can choose to expand to another city by using a virtual office.

What types of companies can have a virtual office?

There is essentially no size or type constraint for a company when it comes to working from a virtual office, only those related to the actual business industry in which it activates. companies in the services sector are suited for a hybrid work model and they can benefit the most from using a Bucharest virtual office.
Understandably, companies in the manufacturing business, food and drink manufacturers, cosmetic product manufacturers, cannot use a completely remote work model as they will need to maintain a factory, warehouse or other types of establishments at all times.

Is there a special process to use a virtual office in Bucharest?

You can decide to use a virtual office for your company in Romania from the very beginning or you can transition to one during the course of your activities. Certain requirements are in place for notifying the National Trade Register Office of any changes brought to the company particulars, such as the registered office address and secondary headquarters.
Our team can help you if you wish to use a virtual office service.

Main virtual office packages

A virtual office in Bucharest offers many of the same advantages as a traditional office space. The Virtual Office Bucharest package offered by our agents includes the following:
  • Address: Prestigious business address in downtown Bucharest for a credible and risk-free base for corresponding with clients; it will also be used as the registered office necessary for establishing a Romanian company;
  • Mail services: Mail collection and mail forwarding Romania - Mail is collected, packages are signed for and sent to you according to your instructions either by mail, fax or email;
  • Fax and phone call: incoming and outgoing faxes - Use our local fax number; we'll collect and send faxes to you, wherever you are; a local phone number in Bucharest, Romania - Provide a local phone number to all your contacts;
  • Others: voice mailbox - All of your voice messages will be forwarded to you by email; Preferred rates on international couriers - Receive discounted rates on FedEx and DHL;
  • Additional space: you can access a free instant meeting room for 1 hour/month in many of the standard Bucharest virtual office packages as well as other types of office space available upon request.
Please keep in mind that these are only the standard types of services. Small companies or start-ups will very well do with these, however, larger companies or those who are based in Romania and work with international clients may wish to have access to another set of services, such as the additional ones presented below. Our team of agents who specialize in Romanian company incorporation can give you more details upon request. We recommend reaching out to us before you start the incorporation phase as the address of the Bucharest virtual office can be the one used as the registered address and it will be included in the company’s constitutive documents. This is a mandatory step when opening all types of companies, including a micro company in Romania. Our team can arrange for the documents to be prepared and drawn up including the address.
If you have additional questions about company formation in Romania, as well as about the available business forms, please reach out to us if you need assistance. The virtual office is a solution for essentially all of the business forms that can be incorporated by local and foreign nationals in Romania and it is a service that can be accessed even if the company is an older one and even if it previously had other physical locations in the country.

Additional services available for a virtual office in Bucharest

A Bucharest virtual office is meant to provide for the needs of many different types of companies and to allow the business owners to maintain a professional business image. This may mean that, occasionally, one may choose additional services that allow for a greater degree of personalization. Some of the additional Services Offered through the Virtual Office Bucharest package:
  •     Dedicated fax service with your own private and dedicated number;
  •     Call redirecting - Specialized technology enables call redirection to your primary number;
  •     Collection of bank statements;
  •     Extra usage of the meeting room.

For any further details or information please do not hesitate to contact us.

by Cristian Darie

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