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Set up a construction company Romania

I am looking to start my own construction company in Romania and I wanted to know more about this type of company. What can you tell me?

Usually, construction companies in Romania are set either as a SRL ( limited liability company ) or SA (joint-stock company). In order to incorporate the company, you'll have to open a bank account for your new company in order to deposit the share capital.

The economic downturn in recent years has left Romania a great market for new construction companies, this industry being surpassed by the level of market demand. Thus, Romania is a promising economic environment for the establishment of construction companies, due to the fact that currently the demand exceeds the supply that construction companies can offer.

This field of activity is inexhaustible and is particularly profitable especially by contracting long-term collaboration with design and consultation companies, as often architects themselves nominate the construction company needed in order to implement the project.

How can I start a construction company more precisely and which documents do I need?

In order to start your construction company in Romania, you will firstly have to choose the type of company that best suits your needs and expectations. This is where the lawyers from Darie, Manea & Associates can advise you, through professional legal guidance, offering the optimal solution to your problems.

The first step in registering a building company in Romania is to conduct certain preliminary operations, such as:
  • application for checking the availability and / or booking the company name, usually, it is recommended to choose three variants of your name in order of preference.

Our team is available during the verification process in the Trade Register of three different names, by paying the cost of a single application, in order to facilitate the registration of your company.
  • determining the scope of activity of the company, this is required to establish a principal activity of the company that you are to establish, analyzing the categories of activities for which are assigned CAEN codes.   

In this regard, our lawyers are available with any information regarding this step of setting up your company.

The CAEN codes available for your company's scope of activity in this area are as follows:
        Code 41: Construction of buildings.
        411 Estate Development (promotion)
        4110 Estate Development (promotion)
        412 Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
        4120 Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
        Code 42: Civil engineering.
        421 Construction of roads and railways
        4211 Construction of roads and motorways
        4212 Construction of above-ground and underground railways
        4213 Construction of bridges and tunnels
        422 Construction of utility projects
        4221 Construction of utility projects for fluids
        4222 Construction of utility projects for electricity and telecommunications
        429 Construction of other civil engineering projects
        4291 Water construction
        4299 Construction of other civil engineering projects
        Code 43: Specialised construction.
        431 Demolition and site preparation
        4311 Demolition of buildings
        4312 Site preparation works
        4313 Drilling and boring
        432 Electrical installation and plumbing and other construction installation works
        4321 Electrical installation
        4322 Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning
        4329 Other construction installation works
        433 Painting and decorating
        4331 Plastering
        4332 Joinery and carpentry
        4333 Floor and wall covering
        4334 Painting and glazing
        4339 Other building completion
        439 Other specialized construction
        4391 Roof covering and building terraces
        4399 Other specialized construction
    drawing up the articles of incorporation, whose elements may differ depending on the type chosen for the company.

How can Darie, Manea & Associates help me set up a construction company in Romania?

Our lawyers are recommended by a vast experience in commercial law, helping to establish numerous successful companies in Romania.

Our team offers legal guidance during every step of setting up the company that you desire, offering professional advice, optimal solutions in accordance to your needs and expectations, as well as representation before the competent authorities.

What's more, our lawyers ensure the successful implementation of the company's registration in the Trade register in no more than 4 days from the date of filing the request for registration.

Don't hesitate to contact us and let us help you obtain the company that you desire! For more information regarding setting up a construction company in Romania, do not hesitate to contact one of our lawyers specialized in commercial law who will guarantee complete and competent legal information on the establishment of a construction company, the type of company that best suits your expectations, as well as information regarding this industry.

by Cristian Darie

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