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Accounting in Brasov

Brasov is one of the most important economic centers in the center of the country, which is why the number of business people who turn their attention to the city of Brasov for setting up a company is growing.
For those at the beginning of the road, but also for those who already have businesses in Brasov, we come with customized accounting services according to the specifics and needs of their companies. We invite you to discover below what are the main accounting services that you can find in Brasov.
If you need help setting up a company, we offer you our platform, LaRegistru, for a simpler and faster procedure.

Accounting services offered by our company in Brasov

In order to meet you with complete services of setting up companies and accounting in Brasov, we propose the following accounting solutions:
  • registration for tax and VAT purposes, if your company is at the beginning of the road;
  • for small companies such as PFAs and individual and family enterprises, we come with primary accounting solutions;
  • we also offer services for the preparation of sales and purchase logs, and the recording and recording of stocks;
  • we provide you with services for keeping the accounting records and drawing up the accounting documents for your company;
  • drawing up and submitting financial statements and fiscal statements within the terms provided by law;
  • payroll services, tax consultancy, audit and accounting expertise for all types of companies.
All our accounting services in Brasov comply with the application rules imposed by the Romanian authorities.
If you want to set up a company in Brasov, our agents are also available with registration services of different types of companies.

Accounting services for new companies in Brasov

Newly established companies are usually more difficult to organize from an accounting point of view, but with our help you can rely on the company setting up services followed by the accounting ones in Brasov. Thus, the success of your company is assured from the beginning. Once the company is registered, our accountants will handle the registration for fiscal and VAT purposes, but we can help you obtain the EORI code from the National Customs Authority of Romania and which is administered by ANAF.

Payroll services in Brasov

Payroll services are among the most requested by companies throughout the country, because they are more demanding. Often, companies have separate departments of human resources, but they exert quite a financial pressure, and the simplest way to get rid of it is to use the accounting services available in the respective cities.
To help you, we offer you such services in Brasov, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
Services of accounting accounting in Brasov
One of the most complex activities of the accounting department of a company is keeping the accounting records. Therefore outsourcing this branch or the whole department can help you to reduce expenses and channel the amounts of money dedicated to these activities to other departments of the company.
The accounting evidence of a company from Brasov implies:
- elaboration of the plan of accounts related to the specific of the company;
- introduction of accounting documents in the accounting system;
- drawing up sales and purchasing logs of the company, as well as of the means register;
- recording and keeping records of stocks, suppliers and customers;
- drawing up the journal register, the verification balance and the half-yearly and annual financial statements;
- preparation and filing of tax returns (tax on profit, VAT).
As we wrote above, our accounting services for your company in Brasov are personalized. We also offer accounting services in other cities of the country, among which are Bucharest and Ploiesti.
In 2018, Brasov County had a good economic development considering that:
- the local economy grew by 7.6% compared to 2017, reaching 10.9 billion euros;
- the number of companies also increased, considering that about 25,000 companies filed balance sheets;
- the number of employees also increased by about 1,000 employees last year;
- The total number of employees in 2018 was 155,000 people.
For complete accounting services in Brasov, please contact us.

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