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Business Licences Romania

Romania Business Licenses Darie & Manea Law Firm has helped an important number of foreign clients to establish their company in Romania. We are providing assistance for individuals interested to start business in Romania but also for those intending to open a secondary office in our country. One of our experts will strategically examine your options and will guide you through the entire process. In order to provide our customers with a wider range of alternatives our staff decided to offer, together with the company set up package, the Romania Business Licenses service. This includes an accurate selection of the mandatory documents required by Romanian authorities to conduct business activities in our country. These are generally referred to as Special Permits for Romanian Companies. These permits and licenses are needed if intending to start business in Romania and they commonly subsume a number of specific documents which are compulsory for business entities working in the following fields: insurance, banking, transport, e-payment, accounting, recruiting of personnel, pharmaceutical activities, gambling, etc.

Start Business in Romania - Required Permits and Licenses

Romania Business Licenses Depending on the type of business you will be interested to conduct there should be a variable number of compulsory Romania business licenses which must be acquired. The object of activity of your future company will also indicate the relevant authorities able to issue such documents. Our professional team can provide the necessary assistance highly-recommended in this situation.

Romania Business Licenses Darie & Manea Law Firm will strictly supervise the company set-up process progressively justifying every document required in these circumstances. You will be accurately informed regarding these papers and one of our experts will always be available to provide you with extra information. All special permits for Romanian companies will be promptly supplied by our staff and without any delays so you could start your business as planned. Our personnel will guide you in a professional manner overwhelmingly contributing to a highly-profitable startup for your business.

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by Cristian Darie

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