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Physical office in Romania

Due to the reduced costs and remote access to a worldwide market, most startups prefer to start their business online. Still, in order to be able to benefit from certain advantages, such as registering in VAT purposes in Romania, the company needs to have a physical office address. Therefore, our Law Firm Darie, Manea and Associates can provide a physical office in Romania in order to make the process easier for you. In accordance with the Romanian law regulations, a lawyer, an accountant of other professional service provider can give their address for their clients to use as a physical office.

Advantages of having a physical address:

  • You will be eligible for VAT purposes registration
  • You may apply for any governmental filling
  • You will be able to open a bank account in Romania
  • You need it for the annual information statement
Our law firm knows the needs of new investors and we are prepared to help you register a physical address in Romania for your company. As a new company established in Romania, no matter the legal form (PFA, SRL, SA etc.) must have a social headquarters. The social headquarters may be a rented space, an owned house or apartment or it may be hosted by a law firm. The last option is not very well known and as popular as the previous ones, but it is possible and more cost-efficient if you do not need to use the space for developing your activity. This is a legal option, provided by Law 51/1995 in which it is specified that in order for a company to have its social headquarters hosted by a law firm there must be a signed contract which clearly includes the duration of the hosting and the conditions for this. Still, this option is only available for SA or SRL, not for PFA. Moreover, the company will not be able to conduct activities from the hosted headquarters, but will be able to receive correspondence from public authorities, clients and so on.

For further information do not hesitate to contact our lawyers in Bucharest that have a vast experience and knowledge with registering physical addresses for foreign companies.

by Cristian Darie

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