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Choosing a name for a PFA

One of the steps necessary to set up a company is to choose and reserve a trade name. This requirement also applies to the creation of a PFA, but in this case, the name consists of the family name of the person who registers the PFA or the name and initial of his first name to which the phrase PFA is added. From the moment the proof of the trade name is collected, it is valid for 3 months.
Our specialists in setting up companies can help you open a PFA in most major cities in the country, including Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Oradea.

Headquarters for a PFA

Like any other type of company, those who want to open a PFA must meet certain conditions and follow some preparatory steps for establishment. Thus, in order to set up a PFA, the entrepreneur will have to find a registered office that corresponds in terms of health, PSI and environmental protection. It is good to know that starting with 2017, when choosing a registered office for a PFA, the consent of the owners' company and of the neighbors in the block where the registered office is located is no longer needed if the PFA will not carry out any activity there. The registered office can also be located in an office building. It must be taken into account that the person who establishes the PFA must submit the proof of the registered office in the form of a lease or loan agreement to the Trade Register. Also, you will need an application certifying the right to use the space for the registered office - this application is issued by the Trade Register.
It is good to know that a PFA cannot use headquarters hosting services, but our consultants provide you with such services if you want to set up an LLC.
Other requirements that must be taken into account when setting up a PFA include the preparation of the registration file that must be submitted to the National Office of the Trade Register within the county in which the company will operate. On this occasion we inform you that we provide services for setting up companies in cities such as Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest.

Choosing the CAEN code when setting up a PFA

An important step in registering a PFA is to choose a CAEN code corresponding to the activity that will be carried out by the person who establishes the company. The CANE code is similar to the object of the activity when setting up an LLC, but in the case of the PFA certain rules must be taken into account. So:
  • a PFA cannot have more than 5 CANE codes for the object of activity;
  • The PFA must ensure that it meets all the conditions related to each requested CANE code;
  • The PFA must demonstrate that it has the necessary training for each CAEN code requested;
  • The PFA cannot use some CAEN codes entered in the CANE Nomenclature.
  • To use a larger number of CAEN codes, the person wishing to set up a company can opt for the registration of an Individual Enterprise (II) which can have a maximum number of 10 CAEN codes.
Regarding the restrictions of CANE codes when setting up a PFA, these include:
- 4932 - Transport by taxi;
- 2020 - Manufacture of pesticides and other agrochemicals;
- 6622 - Activities of insurance agents and brokers;
- 8010 - Protection and guard activities.

As I wrote above, for each CANE code the person who will set up the PFA will have to demonstrate training or experience in that field. In this sense, documents attesting its preparation will be submitted. These documents include study diplomas, diplomas obtained as a result of courses accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection or the Ministry of Education. Diplomas obtained abroad can also be used, but their translated and legalized form will be required. Also, previous experience in a certain field can be proven with the help of a workbook or a certificate issued by the former employer.
Our agents can provide you with more information related to choosing a CAEN Code when setting up a PFA. If you face a commercial litigation, we recommend that you contact the team of lawyers experienced in commercial litigation within the law firm Darie, Manea and Associates.

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