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​Accounting services in Cluj

Cluj-Napoca is one of the most developed Romanian cities, relying mainly on the IT industry. However, business people can find many other economic sectors in which they can invest and set up companies.

The establishment of a company, however, does not consist only of the registration and administration part of the company, but also its accounting. The accounting of a company from Cluj-Napoca must comply with the laws in this field, which is why we offer specialized accounting services, regardless of the type of company chosen.
If you want to set up an online company, we provide you with a platform that will help you become familiar with this procedure.

Accounting services offered by our specialists in Cluj

The accounting of a company can mean preparing and submitting a pretty stubborn documentation, so the use of a specialized company to deal with this issue is quite common in Cluj.
With years of experience behind, our specialists are at your disposal with the following accounting services in Cluj:
1. registration services for VAT purposes and obtaining the EORI code (this is a primary service when setting up a company);
2. accounting records services which require the registration of all accounting documents in specialized software;
3. payroll and human resources services, which require the preparation of all the documents necessary for the payment of salaries and the contributions of employees and employers;
4. tax consulting and audit services, so that all the legal norms in force are respected;
5. preparation of annual balance sheets and financial statements to be submitted to ANAF;
6. tax optimization services as well as primary accounting for those in need.

Our lawyers from Cluj work together with accounting specialists so that we can offer you complete solutions for setting up companies and accounting services in Cluj-Napoca.
If you want to set up a company in Cluj, we can help you to register several types of companies, including SRLs, SAs and PFAs. For these we also provide accounting services in Cluj.

Accounting services with the help of special software

The companies of today have given up keeping the accounting evidence with the help of the documents kept in paper format, the specialized software being used for a long time. Our accountants in Cluj use the most modern accounting solutions, including the registration and storage of financial documents in the cloud, so that all interested parties have access to them in real time, 24 hours a day.
With these solutions, our accountants can work remotely, so that there is no need for spaces dedicated to a team of two or more accountants to work at the company's headquarters in Cluj.
Regardless of the type of accounting services you need in Cluj, we are at your disposal with personalized solutions.

Fiscal consulting services in Cluj-Napoca

Cluj is one of the most modern counties in Romania, many of the funds invested being obtained from projects financed from European money. If you want to set up a company and you want to get financing, our tax consulting services in Cluj can help you understand the weaknesses and strengths of your company, so that you can achieve your short, medium or long term goals.
Our lawyers are also available with other services that can help you understand what to pay attention when setting up a company.

Why choose our services in Cluj?

Being the basis of a law firm, we have chosen to offer you services from different specialized areas so that we can be with you from the beginning. Thus, if you want to set up a company in Cluj, we can help you to register it. Once established, we offer personalized accounting services, so we will have the advantage of knowing your objectives very well and proposing the best accounting solutions.
Regarding starting a business in Cluj, we present below some information that will convince you to choose this county:
• In the first semester of 2017, Cluj held the first place in the number of newly established companies (5,145 companies at the provincial level);
• also in 2017, but in December, Cluj held the first place in the growth of industrial production (6.9% compared to the same period of 2016);
• Cluj ranked first in the number of province-level projects submitted within the Start Up Nation 2017 program (2,289 projects);
• The volume of exports registered in 2017 by Cluj reached the value of 1,261.8 million euros.
For the services of setting up the company and accounting in Cluj, you can contact us anytime.

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