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Setting Up a Company in Bucharest

Bucharest is not only the capital of the country; it is also the most important business center in Romania. Together with Ilfov County, Bucharest has the largest contribution to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), so it is not surprising that many businessmen choose this city to set up different types of companies.
Entrepreneurs are forced to follow several steps to set up the company in Bucharest. The steps may be different depending on the type of company chosen, but for some types, the main steps remain the same.
If you want to set up a company as quickly as possible, you can do it through our online platform - LaRegistru.
Our specialists can offer you dedicated services, depending on the type of company chosen. We are at your disposal with company establishment services in Bucharest, as well as in other cities of the country.
Prices for setting up a company in Bucharest and for other related services

- Establishment of an online company in Bucharest - 450 lei (fee)
- Establishment of PFA online in Bucharest - 450 lei (fee)
- Establishment of SRL-D online in Bucharest - 450 lei (fee)
- Changes to the Trade Register - from 600 lei
- One-year registered office at the Bucharest law firm - 595 lei / year
- Trade Register taxes - 122 lei

Establishment of the company in all sectors in Bucharest

Our agents offer business establishment services in all sectors of the capital:
- Sector 1 - we can help you set up your company in sector 1 in Bucharest and we can also offer you headquarters services;
- Sector 2 - if you are interested in setting up a company in sector 2 in Bucharest, our team of agents is at your disposal;
- Sector 3 - our specialists in setting up companies in sector 3 can help you;
- Sector 4 - people who want to set up their company in sector 4 of the capital can benefit from our help which also offers hosting services headquartered in Bucharest;
- Sector 5 - our agents can handle the process of setting up a company in sector 5 in Bucharest and can also offer you a registered office for your company;
- Sector 6 - our agents specialized in setting up companies in sector 6 can help you open your company as soon as possible.

Personalized company establishment services in Bucharest

Our agents in Bucharest are at your disposal for company establishment services built on the basis of identifying your needs. Thus, you can rely on us to:
- head office hosting services meant to reduce the costs related to the head office which in Bucharest can lead to high rents;
- drafting and authentication services of the documents necessary for the registration of the chosen type of company;
- opening the bank account of the company, so as not to waste time with this stage;
- submission of all documents to the Bucharest Trade Register in due time;
- obtaining the fiscal identification number at ANAF, as well as registration for VAT purposes.
Those who want to undertake activities in the field of import-export, can benefit from our help in obtaining EORI codes to facilitate intra-community operations.
Also, if you need our help for other services than those mentioned above, we are at your disposal. Our agents can answer all your questions related to setting up a company in Bucharest.
If you need other services, we can help you with the registration of a company and accounting services in other cities as well.

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