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Setting a company in Iflov County

Ilfov is one of the most prosperous sectors of the country, on the one hand due to its proximity to Bucharest, and on the other hand due to the large number of entrepreneurs interested in opening companies in the southeast of the country.
Ilfovul has several localities where businessmen can set up companies in various fields. Another advantage of setting up a company in Ilfov is the quick access to two highways, the one towards Constanta and the one towards Pitesti, which connects this part of the country with the east and west ones.
Those who want to set up companies in Ilfov have to go a few steps, but it is worth remembering that setting up a company only takes a few days. Through our LaRegistru platform, the establishment of a company can be started as soon as possible.
Our agents can help you to register any type of company in Ilfov.

Steps for setting up a company in Ilfov

As I wrote above, those who want to set up a company in Ilfov have to take a few steps. These are:
  • finding a registered office, it can be located in any locality within Ilfov county;
  • choosing and reserving a name for the company that is registered in the county of Iflov;
  • choosing the field of activity of the company and the CAEN code corresponding to it;
  • drafting and preparing all the documents necessary for the registration of the company at the Trade Register;
  • opening a bank account and depositing the minimum share capital, according to the type of company chosen;
  • submission of documents to the Trade Register and registration for tax and VAT purposes;
  • submission of documents for obtaining different notices of the operation of the company, depending on the activities undertaken.
Our consultants are at your disposal with complete information on all the steps to be followed when setting up a company in Ilfov. You can also help with personalized services for setting up several types of companies in Ilfov.

Finding a registered office in Ilfov

In order to be legally registered in Ilfov county, a company must have a registered office in one of its localities. Finding a registered office is possible by renting a space (residential or commercial), by using a home, or by contracting a hosting service.
Our agents from Ilfov will provide you with hosting services of the registered office in Ilfov at prices below those required for rent. Also, the documents required to prove the registered office are less than in the case of a conventional registered office.
Booking a name when setting up a company in Ilfov
Choosing and reserving a name when setting up a company in Ilfov is the first step in registering the company. It is well known that when setting up a SRL or a SA, the name must be chosen so as to best describe / describe the activity field of the company.
When establishing a PFA, the name of the company will be given by the name of the person who registers the company.
We can help you to register both SRLs and SAs, which are types of preferred companies in Ilfov, but also PFAs if you prefer to start smaller businesses.

Preparation of the documents required to register a company in Ilfov

Writing and submitting the documents necessary to set up a company in Ilfov is one of the most important steps, so it is good to call for specialized help. Our agents can assist you in this process, so that the documents are ready in a very short time.

Here is the list of documents needed to set up a company in Ilfov county:

- the constitutive act of the company that must be drafted and must contain several elements depending on the type of company chosen;
- the proof of the registered office to be made by means of a rent or convenience agreement, or of legal assistance in the case of the hosting service of the registered office;
- proof of the deposit of the share capital that must be deposited in the form of a bank account statement;
- the declaration on its own responsibility that shows the quality of associate / shareholder of the company;
- the identity documents of all the shareholders / associates of the company, in original but also certified copies thereof;
- the special empowerment of the person appointed to handle the registration of the company (if applicable).
These documents must be completed by the registration application of the company issued by the Trade Register and by the proof of payment of the taxes related to the establishment of the company.
Our specialists can set up any kind of company in Ilfov on your behalf through a power of attorney, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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