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Establishing headquarters in Pitesti

Pitesti is one of the important cities of the country where many businessmen set up small and medium-sized companies. One of the challenges of starting a business here is finding a social headquarters for the society, considering that this city is not as big as other cities such as Bucharest, Constanta or Iasi.
The most handy solution for many entrepreneurs is hosting the registered office in Pitesti, a service provided by our company. For many of those who want to start their own businesses, social headquarters hosting has proved to be one of the most inspiring decisions in other cities.
To those interested, we have at your disposal also with LaRegistru, a platform specially created to start the procedure of setting up a company.

Finding a registered office for the company in Pitesti

Finding a registered office is one of the first steps that must be taken when setting up a company. Renting or using a personal property are the most common solutions when it comes to the registered office of a company in Pitesti, but in relation to the large number of companies that are set up in comparison with the longer process of building office or commercial spaces, business people are forced to look for other spaces that can be used as a registered office.
Our agents make available to those who need a social headquarters the hosting service in Pitesti at very advantageous prices.

The hosting service of a registered office in Pitesti

Hosting a registered office is a service made available to those interested in setting up companies such as SRLs and SAs not only in Pitesti, but in cities throughout the country. This service can only be offered by law offices based on Law 51/1995 for organizing and exercising the profession of lawyer, therefore it is perfectly legal to use the headquarters for your company in Pitesti.

Headquarters hosting - a quick solution

Indeed, the use of hosting a registered office in Pitesti is one of the fastest solutions for finding a registered office because:
- this is, in fact, a service provided by an office or law firm;
- you do not need to find a space to equip or equip to use as a registered office;
- the headquarters are available as soon as possible, usually immediately after signing the legal assistance contract;
- you must not start other procedures related to the use of such a service, such as obtaining the neighbors' agreement in case of renting an apartment;
- you can get other benefits, such as access to conference rooms for meetings with clients or business partners.
Choosing to host the registered office through our agents in Pitesi at the expense of a conventional registered office will entail reduced costs compared to paying an advance or monthly rent.

Who can use the hosting service in Pitesti?

There are no conditions for choosing the hosting service of a registered office in Pitesti, which is made available to all those who want to set up a SRL or a SA here. Also, this service can also be used to open a secondary workstation. Entrepreneurs who want to move their companies from other cities can rely on our hosting services in Pitesti.
If you have any questions regarding the company headquarters in Pitesti, we will answer you promptly. You can rely on us and for setting up a company in Pitesti.

Frequently asked questions about hosting the registered office in Pitesti

How quickly can you get the hosting service in Pitesti?
The use of the social headquarters in Pitesti is possible within 24 hours from the signing of the legal assistance contract.
What documents do I need to prove the registered office at the Trade Register?
The legal aid contract is the only document you need as proof at the Trade Register.
What is the minimum period for which I can use this service?
You can use the hosting service of the registered office in Pitesti can be used for a minimum period of one month.
Is there a maximum period for using this service?
Yes, the maximum period for which the hosting service can be used is one year.
How much is the cost of hosting the registered office in Pitesti?
The hosting service of the registered office in Pitesti is made available for several hundred lei, depending on the contractual period.
For additional information and prices for the hosting service in Pitesti, please contact us.

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