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Obtaining the EORI code

A large number of Romanian companies undertake import-export activities inside and outside the European Community (EC). These companies must go through VAT registration procedures in Romania, but they must also obtain the EORI code or number from the General Customs Directorate.
In 2023, the EORI code can be obtained both by companies and by persons involved in import-export activities and which can facilitate their customs operations throughout the European Union.
If you wish to obtain the EORI number, our agents can help you with the formalities to be completed at the General Customs Directorate. Also, if you want to start a company first, we can offer you LaRegistu, an online platform through which you can get acquainted with everything that means setting up a company.

European regulation for obtaining the EORI code

EORI, in English translation, means the Registration and Identification Number of Economic Operators and is regulated by Regulation (EU) no. 952/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council at European level and through the Technical Norms regarding the registration for customs purposes of economic operators and other persons at national level.
The EORI codes have started to be used since 2009 throughout the European Union.
The EORI code is a unique number designated for an economic operator that carries out import-export activities in the EU Member States. This code can be obtained from the authorities authorized in the Member State in which the company is registered. Companies outside the Union can obtain the EORI code at the first customs point in the EU.
If you want to start a business for import-export activities, you can rely on our team of agents specialized in setting up companies.

Who should get the EORI code in 2023?

It is well known that there are both economic operators who must obtain the EORI code, but also economic operators who can obtain it on request, without any obligation. Thus, the two categories of economic operators that can obtain the EORI code are:
- economic operators carrying out import-export and freight activities in the EU;
- economic operators that carry out activities of delivery, storage and removal of goods in / from the EU;
- economic operators that carry out representation activities in the introduction, storage and removal of goods from the Community;
- other persons without the character of economic operators who carry out activities for the introduction and removal of goods in / from the EU.
By economic operator, it can be understood any type of company registered in Romania, among which SRLs, PFAs, SAs and SNCs.
Our specialists can help you to obtain the EORI code in 2023 regardless of the type of company managed or owned.
Procedure for awarding the EORI code in Romania
Romanian companies wishing to obtain EORI codes must fulfill the formalities of assigning it to the General Customs Directorate. The EORI number will be requested at the regional customs office from the territorial area in which they have their registered office.
The documents required to obtain the EORI code are:
  • the application for registration in standard format issued by the General Directorate of Customs;
  • in the case of companies, the registration certificate issued by the Trade Register;
  • the certificate of registration for VAT purposes issued by the Ministry of Public Finance;
  • the document from which the registered office or fiscal domicile of the company appears, depending on the situation;
  • the constitutive act of the company, in the case of joint stock companies and with limited liability;
  • in the case of authorized natural persons, the registration certificate for VAT purposes will be required;
  • the document attesting the fiscal address or registered office of the authorized natural person and the identity card.

In exceptional cases, the EORI code can also be obtained from a border customs office.
Our team can help you request the EORI code throughout the country.
Structure of the EORI number
According to the regulation imposed by the European Commission, the EORI number assigned to an economic operator is made up of the country code, RO in the case of Romania, followed by the ISO alpha 2 country code, followed by a unique identifier of the EU member country (this will be a dialed number (maximum 15 characters).
In Romania, in the case of legal persons requesting the EORI code, the number used to assign it will be represented by the unique registration code (CUI).
In 2018, foreign investments in Romania:
- they increased by 8.56% during the period January-November, according to the NBR;
- foreign direct investments reached 4.842 billion euros;
- in November 2018, the counties that registered the biggest increase in the number of companies were Timis (35) and Cluj and Ilfov with 27 companies;
- at the end of November 2018, 220,857 companies with foreign capital were registered in Romania.
For complete information on obtaining the EORI code in Romania in 2023, please contact our agents. You can count on us if you need help in obtaining the EORI number.

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