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Setting up a company in Romania

Setting up a company in Romania involves several stages. Among them, the preparation of the documents to be submitted to the Trade Register, the reservation of the company name and finding a registered office are some of these stages.
Through our LaRegistru platform, you can benefit from fast services for setting up the company and hosting headquarters.
Among the steps to be followed when setting up a company, finding a registered office may take longer, because it must meet certain conditions and, in some cases, more approvals are needed. In order to avoid the inconveniences caused by finding a suitable registered office, our agents specialized in setting up companies provide you with services for hosting the registered office in several cities of the country.
The main steps in setting up a company

Once the type of company is chosen, the registration procedure of a company can start with the preparation of some documents required by the Trade Register. Often, however, finding a head office is left behind, so pressures can arise when the company's address must be proven at the Registry. For such cases and not only, the hosting of the registered office is one of the fastest solutions to have a registered office that meets all legal requirements.
It is good to know that when setting up a company, the company must have an address in the county where it will operate. In this sense, hosting the headquarters is possible in several cities in different parts of the country.

Thus, our agents are at your disposal with services for hosting the registered office so that you do not waste precious time finding a place or office that meets both the rigors of the law and your needs.
What is the registered office?

The registered office can be defined as the legal or official address of a company and is mandatory for companies that undertake activities in Romania. The registered office is used both by the Trade Register to send official documents and notifications, but also by clients or business partners.
Finding a registered office can be done by one of the company's associates or shareholders, but it is also possible to resort to registered office hosting services, which are legal in Romania and which can be offered by lawyers.

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