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When can you get head office hosting services?

There are several situations in which you can choose the hosting services for the establishment of a company, namely:

- when you do not have much time to set up the company and you need to find a registered office as soon as possible;
- when you do not have a space that can be used as headquarters for the company;
- when you have a space, but you cannot obtain the consent of third parties to use it;
- when you need to move the registered office of a company from one locality to another.
You can also opt for the hosting of the registered office if you want to establish the company in an office building or if you want to register the company in another city.

The advantages of the headquarters hosting service

The headquarters service appeared as a result of the establishment of a large number of companies in recent years in large cities such as Bucharest, Timisoara, Iasi or Cluj-Napoca. This service offers quite many advantages, among the most important being the reduced time related to finding a space that can be used as a headquarters.
The spaces designated as registered offices when you use the registered office hosting service are prepared and equipped for this function, meaning that all official documents are received and sent to the company in a timely manner.
The registered office hosting service no longer requires the consent of the neighbors or the owners' association.
Last but not least, this service is made available to you for lower costs than those generated by the maintenance of a conventional registered office.

Hosting headquarters offered by our specialists

Our agents specialized in setting up companies can help you with hosting services in several cities of the country at competitive prices. These services are made available to you through a contract signed for the period agreed with our consultants.
We also provide conference rooms that can be rented with prior notice.

Services related to the hosting of the registered office

The service of hosting a registered office does not only provide customers with an address where they can receive various official documents, but also comes with several benefits including access to office space and even conference rooms, if you need it. something. As I wrote before, the hosting of the registered office involves first of all access to an address that can be used to register the company, but if you opt for other services through our agents, we can offer services for taking over and keeping correspondence. If you need, we can send you the documents and notifications received to another address that you leave us.
Hosting the headquarters is a much cheaper service compared to a traditional rent, which in addition to paying a fairly substantial amount each month, often involves other maintenance costs. This is not the case for this hosting service which is offered for a fixed amount calculated for the duration of the contract.

Hosting services in several cities

If you want to set up an SRL or another type of company, you can use our services to host the headquarters in several cities of the country. Among them, you can find us in Oradea, Iasi, Bacau, Brasov and Targu-Mures. Also, if you want to move the company to another part of the country, respectively another city, you can choose to change the registered office through our hosting service.
We remind you that the hosting of the registered office is a temporary service, and at the expiration of the contract we can help you find a registered office that corresponds to the requirements imposed by law.

The economic situation of Romanian companies in 2019

Compared to 2018, 2019 has not undergone major changes in terms of the number of PFAs and SRLs established, but according to the National Office of the Trade Register (ONRC):
- the number of registered PFAs increased by 3.71%, from 24,495 to 25,423;
- the number of LLCs also increased, but by only 0.66%, from 94,244 to 94,870;
- Gorj, Brasov and Alba were the counties where the most registrations were registered with 20.80%, 20.71%, respectively 20.36%;
- the number of dissolved companies also decreased by approximately 0.81% from 34,358 to 34,080.
If you have any questions related to our hosting services and company establishment, please contact us. We are at your disposal with services for setting up companies in the biggest cities of the country.

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