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Accounting in Constanta

Constanta is one of the largest cities in the country, which attracts many investors. Those who set up companies in this city can operate in different economic sectors and make very good profits. As soon as the procedure for setting up a company has been completed, the company can start its economic activity, but this must be accounted for. For this we propose modern and customized accounting services for your company in Constanta. Before proceeding to the presentation of the accounting services we can offer you in Constanta, we invite you to start the registration process of the company with the help of our online platform, LaRegistru.

The main accounting services available in Constanta

With a vast experience in the field of accounting, our specialists offer you the following accounting services in Constanta:
- primary accounting services if you have a small company in Constanta, such as a PFA;
- services for the introduction of accounting documents in specialized software, so that no important information is lost;
- services for the preparation of sales and purchase logs, and the recording and recording of stocks, as well as of customers and suppliers;
- services for drawing up the log register, the balance of checks and records of the house registry, as well as of other registers;
- services for drawing up and submitting financial statements and fiscal statements within the time limits provided by law;
- accounting expertise services if you need clarification of some accounting situations or documents;
- payroll services, audit, consulting and specialized assistance in everything related to improving the performance of the company.
Our accounting specialists work with our agents from Constanta to provide you with complete accounting services, respectively for setting up the company.
 You can rely on us from the beginning if you want, for example, to register the company for VAT purposes or to obtain an EORI code.

Accounting services specialized in Constanta

Regardless of the type of company you registered in Constanta, our accountants can help you with the following:
  • verifying all the documents that keep the accounting records of the company, according to the requirements of the law;
  • drawing up and filing all tax declarations depending on the type of company (the tax return on profit, VAT);
  • drawing up the financial statements respecting the Romanian accounting standards or those of the international financial reporting (IFRS);
  • checking the journal register, preparing and reconciling the statements of account, debt and debt records;
  • making budgets and forecasts so that the company operates in optimal parameters.
Our accounting services are addressed to both those who have small companies, such as PFAs and SRLs in Constanta, but also to those who have large companies, such as SAs.

Payroll services in Constanta

Payroll services are among the most requested, given the frequent changes in the legislation. With the help of our accounting services in Constanta you will be able to benefit from services such as drawing up labor contracts and their additional documents in accordance with the legislation in force, of the records of personnel in real time, of the drawing up of the electronic personnel register (Revisal), of services for the preparation of the payment states, the calculation of allowances and medical leave.
Our accountants will keep in touch with the specific authorities, such as the ITM, the Health House and the Pension House, and will deal with the drafting of tax returns and sending them within the deadlines required by law.
If you need help setting up a company in Constanta, our agents can also help you with hosting services.
On the other hand, our accounting services are available in other cities, such as Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca.

Why choose Constanta?

Constanta is one of the oldest Romanian cities, being the largest port city in the Black Sea basin. From an economic point of view, Constanta:
- had a population of 766,315 on July 1, 2018;
- registered one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, of only 2.7%, on July 1, 2018;
- in 2018 it registered a number of 1,312,418 tourists;
- Constanta port is the 4th most important port in Europe.
For customized accounting services in Constanta, do not hesitate to contact us. We can also help you with the establishment of a company in Constanta.

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