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Accounting services in Bucharest

The establishment of a company does not stop at raising the Registration Certificate, obtaining the necessary permits and licenses and starting the economic activities, because all the activities of the company must be accounted for.

Our lawyers work with accounting specialists to provide specialized services to all those who want to set up companies and who also need accounting services in Bucharest. For the establishment of the company, we can help you through the LaRegistru platform, and after its registration, we also provide accounting services in Bucharest.

The main accounting services in Bucharest

The proper functioning of a company must be reflected in the different accounting documents issued by it, whether we are talking about small, medium or large companies. Also, all types of companies, from the simple PFA to the joint stock company, will need accounting services.

For those who have companies in Bucharest, we have them available with the following accounting services:
  1. services of keeping the accounting evidence consisting of the introduction of the accounting data in specialized programs and the preparation of the accounting documents;
  2. payroll services that are increasingly being requested given the recent changes in the legislation in the field;
  3. tax consultancy that can help entrepreneurs in making decisions of vital importance for the future of their companies;
  4. services for drawing up individual or consolidated financial statements, in accordance with the laws in force;
  5. financial analysis services that evaluate the financial trends, the risks of a financial nature in the company and the proposal of financial solutions for a sustainable development;
  6. accounting expertise services that can be requested by clients at times when they need clarification of financial statements.
You can count on our lawyers and accountants in Bucharest who can help you from the start of the company, registration for VAT purposes and even obtaining the EORI code.

Accounting services in Bucharest

Accounting record keeping is the most important part of carrying out a commercial activity from an accounting point of view, as it involves the preparation of primary documents, the preparation of sales and acquisition logs, the recording and keeping of stock records, the preparation of semi-annual and annual financial statements, the preparation and filing of financial statements. , evidence of clients and suppliers, as well as the drawing up of the house register, bank deposits and bank registers. These are just some of the accounting services we offer in Bucharest.

While through our accounting services in Bucharest you can have a clear picture of the financial situation of your company, our lawyers are at your disposal with current information about the laws that you must comply with when setting up a company.

Services for preparing financial statements in Bucharest

Financial statements are one of the most demanding parts of accounting in a company. The fact that these documents must be prepared and filed without exceeding certain deadlines can cause inconvenience if you do not have the support of some professionals. Therefore, often outsourcing accounting services is one of the best decisions made by business people who want to focus only on the activity of the company and improving the services and products offered.

Why choose our accounting services in Bucharest?

If you want to set up a company in Bucharest and think from now on how you will deal with the requests and changes of legislation in the accounting field, you can call our accounting services to focus only on your business.

Having in the team of accountants accredited by the Body of Expert Accountants and Authorized Accountants of Romania (CECAR), you can rely on us regardless of the type of accounting service you need in Bucharest.

From an economic point of view, Bucharest is the most developed city of the country, considering that:
  • the population of the capital of the country has more than 2 million inhabitants at the level of 2018;
  • trade (the sale of goods in bulk and in detail) represents one of the most important economic sectors in Bucharest, with a share of 18.9% of the total economic sectors;
  • constructions represent 12.8% of the entire industry in Bucharest;
  • over 10% of the companies operating in Bucharest are part of the processing industry;
  • Other companies operating in Bucharest are those in the field of telecommunications (7.2%), health (5.4%) and education (4%).
If you need accounting services or help setting up a company in Bucharest, please contact us.

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