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Procedures for setting up and authorizing a PFA

In accordance with the provisions contained in the Emergency Ordinance no. 44/2008, regarding the development of economic activities by Authorized Individuals, Individual Enterprises and Family Enterprises, natural persons or owners of an individual enterprise have the obligation to register and authorize the operation before starting the economic activity.
The conditions that must be met for carrying out economic activities are:

● the person in question has reached the age of 18;
● the state of health allows them to carry out the activity for which the authorization is requested;
● have the qualification - professional training or, as the case may be, professional experience, necessary to carry out the economic activity for which the authorization is requested;
● they have not been criminally convicted by a final court decision for committing deeds sanctioned by the financial, customs laws and those regarding the financial-fiscal discipline of the nature of those who register in the fiscal record.

The PFA can also obtain an EORI code if it considers the enterprise of import-export activities.
The PFA authorization process does not raise major difficulties, but requires the observance of procedures that will later determine the normal course of business. The professional training or experience is attested, as the case may be, with one of the following documents:
● diploma;
● the certificate or certificate proving the graduation of an educational institution;
● the certificate of professional qualification or of graduation of a form of professional training, organized in accordance with the law in force at the date of its issuance;
● certificate of professional competence;
● the certificate of recognition and / or equivalence for the natural persons who have acquired the qualification abroad;
● the certificate of recognition of the qualification acquired abroad, outside the education system;
● any other evidence of professional experience.
 The file to be submitted to the Trade Register for authorization will include the following documents for the establishment of the PFA:
● copy of C.I .;
● application for registration;
● proof of checking the availability and reserving the name;
● proof of the registered office (the deed of ownership of the space where the registered office will be hosted. Based on this document, the loan / rental contract is made);
● the agreement of the neighbors and of the Association of owners / tenants in case of hosting the registered office in an apartment;
● documents attesting the professional training: Copy of the diploma / study documents / attestations (related to the object of activity to be carried out);
● proof of seniority in the field of activity pursued (work book / certificate with a minimum of 2 years of experience in the field chosen as activity);
● signature specimen.

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